The Face of Child Abuse

I’m writing this after arising from a nightmare this morning. For the first time ever one of my children had entered with me into the living nightmare that marked a portion of my childhood. We were eating dinner with the family of my former babysitter, sitting across from one another at the table in their house. … Continue reading


You can take the boy out of the hoarder, but not the hoarder out of the boy

My tour de force for the upcoming week, a feat requiring great virtuosity and skill, will be the tossing of these shoes into the garbage. For this child of a hoarder, such matters are handled with gravity. In the end I’ll have an exhilarating victory. Perhaps they still have a little life left in them, … Continue reading


Child of Hoarder “Wolf Boy” Finds Path to Full Humanity

Opening lines to my upcoming book….. We did not intend to hoard the feces, but once a home gets beyond a certain point in terms of filth, you cease to be repulsed. It was simply our reality. Our situation had become so bad that Mom and I cleaned the house in a near panic the … Continue reading


Anything Worthwhile Requires Effort. Amazing Vacation at the Lily Pond Cabin in the Fabulous Porcupine Mountains.

  Anything worthwhile, literally anything, requires serious effort. Here my family and I are returning from obtaining a bucket of clear, cold, and fresh, spring water during our stay at the Lily Pond cabin in the Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  Each journey to obtain the precious drink involved … Continue reading


Unemployed and Boiling Life Down to the Basics

Unemployed. Cut loose. Sacked. At liberty. In between work. Job seeker. Jobless. Wage-free. Laid off. Let go. Transitioning. Writer.Each of these describe my current situation, but terrifying says it best. Henry David Thoreau, in his grand experiment at Walden Pond, sought to “drive life into a corner,” and reduce it to its simplest terms. He … Continue reading


My Secret Cabin Deep in the Wilderness

This cabin guards entry into the United States. It lies a literal stone’s throw from the Canadian border, and is my private home away from home. I call it “The Pigeon,” because it lies on the famously historic Pigeon River near Grand Portage, Minnesota. It is very difficult to travel to, but once you’re in … Continue reading


Alex Laveau and Munger Trail Extravaganza! Also, BBC is the best rx for the unemployed.

It was a BBC day. Hitting all three critical areas is essential for the unemployed, and keeps spirits high.  Brains Brawn Commerce All three are vital. At 5:00 am I arose to nearly complete chapter 9 of my upcoming book, which is about growing up in a crazy house filled to the brim due to … Continue reading

0803.N.DBN_.Eddy pickup

Lists and friends for a better world

Two powerful assets for parents are lists and friends. As hydrogen and oxygen combine to make water, so these two tools may be amalgamated in the lifetime battle against what bestselling author Richard Louv describes as “nature deficit disorder.” A growing body of evidence links a wide range of behavior and emotional problems to a … Continue reading


21 of the Best Hours Ever Spent. BIKE – EAT – RUN Triathlon.

About twice a year I have the opportunity to visit one of my best friends, Dan the Man. We don’t take these times for granted, and try to make certain they are epic. Recently we rubbed shoulders over a 21 hour period, which will go down in history as one of our best times of … Continue reading


A Cleansing Ride Moments After Losing My Job

Today I took a quick 22 mile cleansing spin on my bicycle. I lost my job due to corporate downsizing, and this was the first thing I could think of doing. My feelings ran along a range between elation over the newfound freedom and world of fresh new possibilities, to a dreading of impending doom … Continue reading


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