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My Secret Cabin Deep in the Wilderness

This cabin guards entry into the United States. It lies a literal stone’s throw from the Canadian border, and is my private home away from home. I call it “The Pigeon,” because it lies on the famously historic Pigeon River near Grand Portage, Minnesota. It is very difficult to travel to, but once you’re in … Continue reading


Alex Laveau and Munger Trail Extravaganza! Also, BBC is the best rx for the unemployed.

It was a BBC day. Hitting all three critical areas is essential for the unemployed, and keeps spirits high.  Brains Brawn Commerce All three are vital. At 5:00 am I arose to nearly complete chapter 9 of my upcoming book, which is about growing up in a crazy house filled to the brim due to … Continue reading

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Lists and friends for a better world

Two powerful assets for parents are lists and friends. As hydrogen and oxygen combine to make water, so these two tools may be amalgamated in the lifetime battle against what bestselling author Richard Louv describes as “nature deficit disorder.” A growing body of evidence links a wide range of behavior and emotional problems to a … Continue reading


21 of the Best Hours Ever Spent

About twice a year I have the opportunity to visit one of my best friends, Dan the Man. We don’t take these times for granted, and try to make certain they are epic. Recently we rubbed shoulders over a 21 hour period, which will go down in history as one of our best times of … Continue reading


A Cleansing Ride Moments After Losing My Job

Today I took a quick 22 mile cleansing spin on my bicycle. I lost my job due to corporate downsizing, and this was the first thing I could think of doing. My feelings ran along a range between elation over the newfound freedom and world of fresh new possibilities, to a dreading of impending doom … Continue reading


Geekin’ on Compost!

I am totally obsessed with my compost these days. It started out with bucket after bucket of pulled dandelions needing to be hot composted rather than tossed in a pile to go anaerobic only to disperse their seeds a year from now. I’ve finally figured out the secret, and it certainly isn’t revolutionary or anything … Continue reading


Dads with kids should enjoy Father’s Day guilt free. Otherwise, what’s the point?

Today was a great Father’s Day. What a great thing it is to actually be a dad on Father’s Day! It’s fun to be on this side of things. As usual, today was filled with its share of difficulties and challenges. For some reason, however, slipping on a $10 pair of nice wool socks changed … Continue reading


Real Benefits to Reel Mowing

These past two weeks have produced a flood of green on the landscape. On one run through Hartley and Bagley I marveled at every weed, fiddleheads in various stages of development, brand new leaves on trees, marsh marigolds, tiny wildflowers, and even insects, as if I was a Martian only now discovering life on this … Continue reading

Kids Can and Should Work Hard

Some things are best taught by coming alongside and sharing an experience. A solid work ethic is one of them. It is a constant battle to raise kids in our affluent culture without promoting a sense of entitlement. Unlike prior generations, most children never really know what it means to go without. We have plenty … Continue reading

A Study in Contrasts

I took the bike for a spin around the block tonight for about an hour and a half. What I love about biking is the immense amount of variety seen, felt, and experienced. One bike ride can take you through many different socio-economic zones, hilly topography followed by long periods of relative flatness, varying ecosystems, … Continue reading


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