My wife is kicking butt these days. So much so, in fact, that I’m no longer advertising the house painting work that I occasionally have done on the side. I don’t have time for much of this sort of work these days—YAWNFEST—so this page is finally being devoted to some of her beautiful paintings.

I’m just quickly putting a few images in this space in the early morning hours before heading out to move chickens on pasture, so this will have to do for the time being. You can see more—LOTS MORE—on her website: 

Shawna’s career is really starting to take off. For example, an art magazine recently featured her some works from the Chameleon series that she’s working on for an upcoming exhibition in the Twin Cities this November….

Timmy’s Turn To Mow The Living Room

She has shows popping up all over the place, like mushrooms after days of rejuvenating rains. You can see her work in Duluth, right now at this very moment, at the Denfeld Whole Foods Co-op, Amity Coffee, and Lakeside Gallery, where she have a show on display—Woodlandia—for the month of August containing all new work.


She painted the album cover for Charlie Parr’s most recent album, I Ain’t Dead Yet


And the back of his resonator guitar:


New work seems to just spill out of her every day, and she isn’t settling for repetitive formulas…

Adventures In Lapland

Sometimes the work seems to be influenced by our crazy lives. She claims this one was not, but I’m not so sure….

She Saw It Coming
Kids In A Blanket

Here’s a recent magazine cover featuring her work….