Put my OCD (undiagnosed, but obvious) to work for all your interior and exterior painting needs. I do a great job at an affordable price. Not only that, I am the sort of person you won’t mind hanging around your home day after day. I typically develop friendships with my customers.

My reputation among friends and others in the community is important to me. By hiring me, you won’t be bringing some alcoholic onto your property who makes a big mess and leaves. Sadly, this is not uncommon.

Here are some examples of recent work. I have done more photogenic projects in the past, but being the reluctant painter that I am, I never thought of taking pictures to use as marketing material. I’ve saved my customers thousands of dollars by having incredibly reasonable rates, and also by agreeing to work hourly on occasion—sharing the workload with the homeowner. By doing things like washing the walls, cleaning up, or doing some of the lower and easier work yourself, you can save a ton of money. Use the money you save for your next family vacation! Call me at 218-349-1098.