About Eddy


With nearly 19 years of bedwetting experience under my belt, and nearly the same amount of time spent enduring a broken home so cluttered with rotting detritus that piles nearly reached the ceiling, I am uniquely qualified to offer my observations to the world of the humans.

I always felt like a stranger looking in, but I have been watching carefully. I do not take things like wild beauty, sunsets, or a welcoming and reasonably clean home with places to sit and entertain, for granted. A dinner table that is only cluttered with made-from-scratch dishes from real food, surrounded by family and friends, will especially turn my crank!  Those early years taught me the importance of a lifestyle marked by simplicity, faith, and experiences that are savored over possessions and status symbols.

I am a writer, adventurer, and explorer. I have delighted in a comparative life of luxury these past two decades since my liberation from a life of chaos.

Through these musings I attempt to spread joy, simple living, appreciation of local culture and community, and an insatiable curiosity that causes one’s mind to continually desire to explore further. I delight in family, friends, good food, the natural world, simple pleasures, and a life marked by liberty that is not burdened by excess or unnecessary obligations in any form. I often think of my mom, whom I still love dearly, and hope she will be encouraged to live her remaining years in freedom and joy.

Learn about my book here

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