Montana. The problem is the solution.

Each of us brought unique handicaps to the situation. Any of these, individually, might have derailed the hike to this mountain lake before it even began. I don’t believe either of us, by ourselves, could have completed this hike. Inscrutably, our individual impediments coalesced into collective success. Our goal was reached because of these weaknesses, … More Montana. The problem is the solution.

The Morning After

Rolling out of bed, safely at home, after driving the better part of a day straight-through from southwest Montana, is remarkably disorienting. The sun set as our land yacht sailed eastward through North Dakota. The sky was huge and limitless the last time I saw it. The largest cumulus nimbus clouds I’ve ever seen failed … More The Morning After

Arriving at a solution vs imposing one

When the problem is larger than you are—your experience, skillset, wisdom, or imagination—the best course of action is to do nothing. Simply wait. My seven-year journey has demonstrated this again and again. Unlike Frodo’s course, our family’s quest has carried us away from the fires of Mordor, and all that corporate disfigurement, toward a sustainable … More Arriving at a solution vs imposing one

Back on the SHT bandwagon: Normanna Road to Fox Farm Road

“I’m walking that trail up to Canada with or without you, boy.” The weather report showed that Friday was going to be a stellar day, so I sprung the idea on my boy the night before while he was hunched over his phone, tired and unmotivated. Bad timing. Thankfully, it all worked out. I knew … More Back on the SHT bandwagon: Normanna Road to Fox Farm Road

Do What You Can

This simple idea has the potential to overhaul your entire outlook on life. Do what you can. Rather than focusing on what might be better, steadily growing in depression whilst never achieving perfection, simply do what you can, and rest in that. Don’t let perfection be the enemy of the good. Or, good enough. For … More Do What You Can