Grandma Lights the Way

One final breath. Then, with a subtle exhalation of release, nothing. She was gone. Her body remained, but grandma was no longer there. Born a century ago in 1915, this dreaded moment loomed for years. It seemed she had been around forever, and would go on indefinitely. Indeed, another lifetime like her’s takes you back … More Grandma Lights the Way

A Christian Environmentalist Comes Clean

Righteous indignation. It is difficult to avoid this reaction after Republican Congressional leaders appointed Senator James Inhofe to head the Senate committee on the environment. In essence, he will become the most powerful Republican on environmental issues in the country in January when Senate control swings to the right. I am uniquely qualified to be … More A Christian Environmentalist Comes Clean

Home Fires Burning

With lengthening evenings and more activity moving indoors, it is a good time to ponder home life. Your home should be delighted in. It should not be shrouded in shame, secrecy, or be something you are eager to abandon. When the home is functioning properly, family and life flow out abundantly to the exterior world. … More Home Fires Burning

It’s Time To Secede

There is no place I’d rather die than in Duluth, Minnesota. Likewise, there’s no place I’d rather reinvent the notion of vocation. This is the land upon which I choose to live, and to live abundantly. For 12 long toilsome years I found myself latched on, clutching to a gigantic and seemingly life-sustaining corporate teat. … More It’s Time To Secede

Unemployed and Boiling Life Down to the Basics

Unemployed. Cut loose. Sacked. At liberty. In between work. Job seeker. Jobless. Wage-free. Laid off. Let go. Transitioning. Writer.Each of these describe my current situation, but terrifying says it best. Henry David Thoreau, in his grand experiment at Walden Pond, sought to “drive life into a corner,” and reduce it to its simplest terms. He … More Unemployed and Boiling Life Down to the Basics

Dads with kids should enjoy Father’s Day guilt free. Otherwise, what’s the point?

Today was a great Father’s Day. What an awesome thing it is to actually be a dad on Father’s Day! It’s fun to be on this side of things. As usual, today was filled with its share of difficulties and challenges. Slipping on a $10 pair of thick wool socks changed things, however. Walking into … More Dads with kids should enjoy Father’s Day guilt free. Otherwise, what’s the point?