Keep Showing Up. Especially if you’re depressed!

I’ve planted tens of thousands of seeds in a scene that looks just like this, more times than I’d care to count this spring… The thermostat seems stuck between 33 and 38 degrees. The sun is all but snuffed out. Even today, snowflakes have blown around amidst the apocalyptic-looking scene as if a nuclear winter … More Keep Showing Up. Especially if you’re depressed!

Indulge your idiosyncrasies. They make you YOU!

 I wrote the following piece for the Garbanzo Gazette, which is a quarterly publication put out by the Whole Foods Co-op for its 12,000+ members. I’m sharing it here, because it contains the germ of a critical message I’m continually working on in life and in my upcoming book. Here’s a 48-second video I filmed … More Indulge your idiosyncrasies. They make you YOU!

Open for business!

My new long awaited south-facing grow space has been seeing action for two weeks now, and it’s totally changing my life! It was a real trick getting this thing done before winter, but we made it just in time. Here I am painting the space on an unseasonably warm late fall day, which was a … More Open for business!

The Naked Podcaster

I’m irrationally exuberant about my new podcast, Never Picked. Won’t you give it a try? A persistent theme, to loosely quote Chesterton, is, “Anything worth doing, is worth doing poorly at first.” That philosophy is demonstrated lock, stock, and barrel, over here, but it is honestly one of the things I desperately wish to inspire … More The Naked Podcaster