Prescription for a Cold

ImageMost of our family is battling a cold. I just can’t sit around breathing stale air all weekend, so the dog and I ambled on up Tischer Creek. It’s one of my favorite short hikes, and is fully surrounded by the city of Duluth about a mile from my house. This little canyon is very private, inviting, and magical. 

The temperature hovered at just a wee bit above zero, but with virtually no wind in the protection of the canyon it was quite comfortable. I’m a firm believer that 20 to 30 minutes of very easy activity outside can be beneficial when sick. You just have to listen to your body, and bundle up accordingly. I prefer a full body union suit and a good wool sweater. Make the union suit a bright red one. It’ll cheer your day as well as your family’s if you add a little union suit jig. 

ImageEnjoy some quality down time. Our family has enjoyed reading together. A cuddly dog is helpful too!

ImageOf course fresh squeezed OJ is a must. You’ll be surprised just how good the real thing is. Go out and find a vintage glass juicer at an antique shop (they’re easy to find for less than 10 bucks). These are simpler to use and clean than any of the new fandangled stuff out there, and easier to store in a convenient place so you’ll actually use it when you need it. 

Enjoy yourself and get well.


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