A Cleansing Ski

After enduring a long day of grumpiness whilst plying the corporate waters in front of a computer in my basement office, I had a delightful cleansing ski through the Lester Park Ski trails this evening. I was there when the first snowflake fell from this evening’s winter storm. What a difference 45 minutes on the trails can make to one’s entire demeanor. I was able to come home as a cheerful and loving dad, rather than the sorry for himself old ogre I was prior to this perfect combination of physical exertion and silence.

I also stopped off at Brighton Beach on the shore of Lake Superior, and the roar of the gale force winds down there was exhilarating. My guess is these winds will push any of the serious snow south of here unfortunately, but I’m still thankful for what has turned out to be a pretty decent respectable winter for a change. I’ve been fortunate to get out skiing 4-5 times a week this past month, and every time feels like a real gift as the season gets closer to the end.

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