Tillie the Wonderdog, Angry Lake Superior, and Captain Underpants!


This morning I couldn’t sleep, and got ready for work a bit early. I was ready 15 minutes before I needed to be working (I’m a telecommuter for “The Man”). A storm was approaching, with powerful winds charging off the Lake that I could feel in my bones. When this happens I get more excited than a teenager who’s informed that a group of Swedish models are promenading up and down the sidewalk. Therefore, I couldn’t resist taking the dog on a quick run down to Lake Superior (3/4 mile each way). What a perfect use of my limited time this was!

50-60 mph gusts off the lake were spectacular. The waves should continue to build throughout the day, but some were already 10 footers at 7 am before the storm hit. When you actually get down there by the surf and physically in the gale on days like this, you can just feel the power deep within your sternum down to your toes. Love love love it. I long for spring, as do most, but these are special days on the Lake. We could get a foot of snow, and are set for some more snow next week. Ha ha! Better to enjoy it than whine about it I say. Unless real wine, cheese, and good friends are involved I suppose.

When we arrived back home, I had to immediately get to work. I was invigorated, but HOT! I was dressed in my normal work “uniform” for this quick trip, which is a pair of thickly quilted Wrangler jeans and a heavy sweatshirt. I work in a cold basement, so I gird up. The winter coat, wool hat, etc, proved to be more than I could bear. I guess the anchor man on television isn’t the only one who has to sit in his underpants for a half hour, because that was me afterwards since I was such a sweaty mess. Working downstairs sure beats a boring cubicle I tell ya!

Anyhow, my dog Tillie is amazing. We went on an 8 mile run down the Lakewalk yesterday, and she should no signs of tiring out. I think that’s crazy when considering she only weighs about 20 pounds. The frustrating thing, however, is I can’t seem to hardly get the bitch to drink water. We came home, and as usual she simply buried her head and snow and started chowing down in order to meet her hydration needs that way.

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