Encouraged by being the butt of the joke

The craziest thing happened today, and I couldn’t let the irony pass me by. I borrowed my neighbor’s cross country skis, designed for racing, because I wanted to see what a little more speed would be like. Barely anybody was on the Lester Park ski trails late in the day, and I pretty much had the place to myself.

About near the end of my large loop I decided to goof around with a little experimentation of the skating ski style. I’m a 100% classic skier, so I have zero chops for skating. Anyhow, I was flailing all over the place like a drunken sailor in port with my poles and skis literally taking up the entire width of these trails that are as wide as a piston bully. Though I was completely alone, and only engaging this embarrassing activity for approximately four seconds, low and behold I happened to hear, “Whoa, easy there buddy,” as an innocent skier was working to avoid snagging the end of my pole with his eye.

Of course this guy just had to be Cory Salmela, recently back from helping NBC cover the Sochi Olympics, and a former coach of the US Biathlon national team (skiing with guns). Before exchanging pleasantries, I had to call him a rat bastard for catching me in such a sorry state. The timing was just hilarious in this case. To be honest I was a wee bit in the doldrums, and I really believe the good Lord has a sense of humor. We really never can take ourselves too seriously, and especially when we think nobody is looking….

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