A Study in Contrasts


I took the bike for a spin around the block tonight for about an hour and a half. What I love about biking is the immense amount of variety seen, felt, and experienced. One bike ride can take you through many different socio-economic zones, hilly topography followed by long periods of relative flatness, varying ecosystems, alternating periods of sun and clouds, wild swings in the weather, and sometimes seemingly wholly different planets!

Get in a big 50-100 mile loop and you’ve got yourself immense variation and subtle differences that are impossible to be adequately felt within the confines of your car.




Followed the Lester River to Lake Superior, and today the ice looked a like it has for many months. Just a week ago, however, there were large patches of bright blue water, bright white icebergs floating about that gave a North Atlantic type feeling, and I even saw a small flock of young ducklings floating on one of the ice floes (which was surprising). The ice is always sure to change every day this time of year. It was a bit glum down there today at 37 degrees and a very stiff breeze, but I’m constantly fascinated by the changes from day to day in the ice pack as it blows in and out, shifts, etc.


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