A Cleansing Ride Moments After Losing My Job

Today I took a quick 22 mile cleansing spin on my bicycle. I lost my job due to corporate downsizing, and this was the first thing I could think of doing. My feelings ran along a range between elation over the newfound freedom and world of fresh new possibilities, to a dreading of impending doom like the death row inmate taking in all of his last sights and sounds during his final walk to the chamber. It was weird. Everything carried great meaning: the endless blue expanse of Lake Superior, wildflowers in the breeze, even a fantastically vivid green weed thriving in a crack of the pavement as I sped by at 20 miles per hour. I felt like stopping to hug the gardeners of a house that had tremendously encouraging flower beds in their front yard. It’s amazing how uplifting simple beauty like this can be to someone on the edges. Sigh…. Just the next big adventure I guess.
My career has languished for over a decade as I fell into the trap of telecommuting, convenience, and security for my young family. As the sole breadwinner here taking risks is difficult. Sometimes we need a nudge, or if you’re like me a big push out into the deep end apparently. Thus, I think this will be a good thing in the end.
I deeply want to be rooted vocationally in the local community working with and for people that know and care for you, rather than in the bottom-line of a large corporation. This is what I’m exploring.
Unfortunately I’d also like to be a farmer some day. Ha ha. My wife has no desire, but a boy can dream. In 12 years I’d really like to buy this hobby farm that’s a mere 9-10 miles from here…

Well, the world is full of possibilities, some dreamy and others more realistic. Biking today really helped clarify things, and right my world somewhat. I’m really becoming a bit of a fanatic over the “slow” movement. What started with Slow Food, has progressed to slow cities, slow parenting, and I say slow everything. I’m all for it, and will write more on it another day. Enjoy your day friends, and be thankful for the little things. With that I’ll leave you with one of several spots that dot the countryside around here that I find it necessary to use for relieving myself…


3 thoughts on “A Cleansing Ride Moments After Losing My Job

  1. I believe if I were in this situation I would have had a nice sized brown bag concealing a poisonous liquid that makes one a bit loopy. Maybe 2 bags! I would like to talk soon. Here’s to you my wise Bob Dylan listening – quiet time having – grouse hunting – Godfather watching – spiritual mentor.

    1. Hey buddy! Such a long time!!!! I sent you a letter 7 months ago. Great to hear from ya. Yes, I’d love to hang out some time. Have a good one, and thanks for checking in.

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