Upcoming Book Release!


I’ve completed my book! This has been a real LABOR of love that wouldn’t have been possible if I hadn’t so painfully lost my corporate job last year. Becoming suddenly unlatched from the corporate teat was the impetus I needed to finally pursue my dream. The opportunity given through this horrible event was not primarily the gift of additional time. The sudden infusion of pain somehow enabled me to drill down into the emotions and write about them more vividly. Rather than fleeing pain, I’ve learned how to harness it—much like astronauts are essentially strapped to a rocket (similar to the design and character of a bomb) as they are propelled beyond Earth’s atmosphere. Sometimes as I write I find myself penetrating deep down into the depths of emotion, auger them up into my mind and heart, and can almost feel them flow out through my arms and fingers as they tangibly become written words. I love this.

Time has also helped me to see the many good things that have been birthed from my difficult childhood. These bright lights punctuate the story as I recount the sights, sounds, smells, texture and touch, and even tastes, from my experience as the child of a hoarder. I had become a hoarder myself, through the acquisition of 100 animals that were housed in my bedroom. The second part of the story brims with hope as it tells of how I was emancipated from a quagmire of meaninglessness.

Body, mind, and soul connected in unique ways. Previously the different aspects of life were a jumble of isolated competing parts, much like the piles of random belongings in my childhood home. Understanding supplanted confusion. Equilibrium displaced imbalance. Peace overwhelmed anxiety and insecurity. Contentment flooded the wasteland of want. Love ambushed a heart that hitherto had merely been a mechanical pump that kept my body on life support.

Epic adventures abound, but the main adventure transpired in my inner world.

This story will become available by March 30th as both a paperback and electrons for the Kindle on Amazon. Soon thereafter an audiobook will be released. Stay tuned!

Perhaps I’m a little too excited, but I can’t resist showing y’all the back cover as well (less the bar code anyway)….

Back Cover

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