Tales from the Pedaling Book Peddler, Part 1


The weather was intensely RAW during my bike delivery today, like the emotions depicted in my book. I rode up the North Shore of Lake Superior, out of town, to deliver a single copy of the book to a former co-worker this morning. It was wet, 33 degrees, I rode straight into a 15 mph lake breeze, and it was awesome!

I am delivering signed copies of my book by bike throughout the city of Duluth. I just love the opportunity to connect with readers, community leaders, and humanity in general. So much of life finds me working alone at home, so I really look forward to these sorties into society.


Robin, the one without plastic atop her noggin, was my 20th individual delivery since receiving my books five days ago. Additionally, she is the very first person I have connected with from my former workplace (where I was laid off, which ultimately made publishing this book possible). I found our short visit to be remarkably healing. I thrilled in the opportunity to connect with someone from whom I had previously been cut off in a swift, guillotine-like fashion (even though we weren’t particularly close as co-workers). Incidentally, far from being the linchpin that held the company together, the company’s stock has increased 50% since I was let go last summer! Ultimately we’re all expendable. Life goes on. Having someone from the old corporate world take an interest in my story is deeply MEANINGFUL. Individually delivering these books helps me to connect with supporters I didn’t even realize were there. Time on the bike provides ample space to think, gives the needed stress-relief of exercise, and allows a greater sense of connection with the world.

Slowly piercing into a strong headwind with nothing but my own legs to push me forward resembles the process of releasing a new book into the wider world. My story is competing with millions of books. The massive distance to be crossed in the marketing world is daunting, to say the least. I am heading into powerful headwinds that threaten to thwart my goal. Like riding into a strong wind on a bicycle, it’s best to just keep moving forward without paying attention to the full scope of the task at hand. Eventually we arrive if only we will keep on pedaling one stroke at a time.

Thank you for all your support, friends. I’m pleased to announce that The Emancipation of a Buried Man is now available in all three formats: paperback, kindle ebook, and as an audiobook. Click the link on the right for an opportunity to listen to an audio sample.

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