Water a plenty as winter gives way

Rivers are popping out of their banks like gushing bottles of over-exuberant champagne. Get out and enjoy one near you today! If you’re feeling cooped up on a cold and wet day, I can hardly think of anything better than slipping on a pair of rubber boots and marveling at all the high water. This afternoon it was about 34 and rainy. While we were out the temperature dropped a degree or so, and it changed over to snow. Magical.


Rather than watch a movie, my son got to use his new Bogs boots for what they were meant for. We enjoyed about a mile-long stroll alongside a little creek that cuts a nice gorge only a mile from our house, completely surrounded by the city of Duluth. Opportunities for risk assessment abounded. As did conversation about the consequences of poor choices…

IMG_0984When you’re out in the elements, appropriately dressed, you quickly realize that you can handle all kinds of elements. Cold and stormy days are often the most fun. It’s a good lesson for a kid to learn. Cheers!


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