Podcast with Charlie Parr, and “She Saw it Coming”

My wife swears that I did not inspire this painting that is still in progress. I have to admit that I was worried about the possibility. It’s called, “She Saw it Coming.” (Pardon the blurry image, but you can see it in person next week at The Red Herring Lounge as part of her upcoming exhibition there.)

She Saw it Coming

Charlie Parr strolled into the neighborhood yesterday—barefoot, even though it was cold and damp. We had a nice conversation on my podcast about the hardships and joys of life on the road, dropping out of school, and how he slowly got into making music as a vocation. He’s doing what he loves, and that’s what I’m trying to do: as an author, and an urban farmer. My new urban farm, Tiny Farm Duluth, is slowly coming together. The soil of formerly wasted space within the city of Duluth has been tilled, and seeds will soon be sown.

Charlie on easel

What does urban farming have in common with art and music? Give a listen to this unvarnished podcast with Charlie at tinyfarmduluth.com, and decide for yourself. As you probably know by now, my wife, Shawna Gilmore, painted the album art for Parr’s most recent record: I Ain’t Dead Yet. 50 limited edition hand-numbered prints are available of the original artwork right here, signed by both Charlie and Shawna. This, like a well-lived life in general, is a symbiotic relationship between different art forms. We’re pursuing the intersection of ecology, economy, and community. I’m not saying we’ve arrived yet, either…

After TOILING for days on end, I got a hot tip from my new boss at Talmadge Farms (I’ll be working part-time over there while learning a thing or two), and found someone with big boy equipment. This former rocky hardpan has finally been tilled. The beat goes on…

It takes a village

Also, just in case you’re interested, each of these vegetable propaganda prints are available for just $20 each on archival, fancypants art paper (we can figure out one $5 shipping charge if you want more than one). These will be delivered straight to your door, leaving a trail of pixie dust all along the way…


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