Listen to my audiobook for free!

My life and work—I’m not quite sure where one begins and the other ends—is interesting and fulfilling in the aggregate, but many (ok, definitely most) tasks are monotonous and repetitive. Perhaps you can relate. Hours are spent weeding, processing greens, washing trays, sanitizing those same trays, sifting dirt, planting 30,000 individual pea seeds each week, etc, etc.

Audiobooks are keeping my mind engaged in a way that podcasts and streaming music cannot. Endless podcasts, in particular, string themselves together to the point that it becomes a job to get through them all. At the end of the day, I barely remember what I listened to all day. Audiobooks, on the other hand, provide 10 – 20 hours of sustained mental and emotional gymnastics—centered around a single story—that provides more cohesion, thus allowing your imagination to be carried off beyond the treetops.

I just finished Lauren Hillenbrand’s marvelous book, Unbroken. What a story!!!

In honor of Book Lover’s Day, I’m urging you to give my audiobook a listen, free of charge. I haven’t promoted this format at all, even though I worked for a solid month on the darn thing, and will never go through such madness again! The sales of this version have been sluggish, to say the least, but a $54 royalty payment (a great month) for the month of July has me jazzed to get this thing out into the world.

CLICK THIS LINK RIGHT HERE for your chance to listen for free while enjoying a month-long membership of Audible. My book is about an 8-hour listen, and I think you’ll totally dig it. I can’t recommend Audible enough. We tried it out, on a similar trial, for our 24+ hour drive to the Deep South this past spring. The 13 1/2 Lives of Captain Bluebear, by Walter Moers, kept our entire family at rapt attention, thus making it possible for our kids to enjoy a screen-free journey!! Audiobooks really are the bomb. There is perhaps no better way to transform an otherwise boring drive or tedious activity like weeding or washing into a life-changing experience. I get a nice kickback when you use the above link as well. Ka-ching!

Otherwise, go ahead and get it on Kindle or paperback here:

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