On Tainting the Well

This painting has been on Shawna’s easel for a LONG time.

It has been in progress for most of the year. I thought it was pretty much done two months ago, but still she let it sit a while (waiting for those ducks to finally fly in and complete it). After looking at it from several angles for weeks on end, I took to calling it Nicholas.

Because the guy looks like Nicholas:

The final Romanov of the famed dynasty, Nicholas II is on the left. (I picked up these matryoshka dolls in St. Petersburg in 1997, just 80 years from his abdication.)

After weeks of hearing me call the painting by this name, my wife finally named it, “Nicholas Needs A Moment.”

Normally I’m hyper-careful not to so influence any of her works, but I feel pretty good about it this time. Given world events, the name seems to fit.

We’re planning to ship it out to her gallery in Palm Springs (unless it sells first), but you can see it in this year’s member show at the DAI (the Depot) from May 26th till it comes down in late June.

This experience is really instructive about the power of our words among our loved ones. They do have an impact.

Here’s another work that recently shipped out of here:

Twenty seconds after I finished hanging it, these lovely readers moved in for the prime sitting spot at Amity Coffee. This made me so happy!

One of the beauties of a true household economy, like I think we’re experiencing, is that we’re all contributing to the final product.

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