Just seven weeks ago, the bleakness seemed absolute. Beyond thought or comprehension. All we could do was huddle together and put one foot forward at a time in little baby steps. But which way was forward? Way too much happened all at once to not consider the possibility that the doors were closing on our … More Turnaround!

Skin in the game

The skin on my face was incinerated today. Prior to the photodynamic treatment, a $300 medication was applied to ensure a 10X sunburn. It turns out that an effective treatment for precancerous sun damage is another extreme burn. Burn off all the bad stuff, and the skin should regenerate anew. Needing to avoid contact with … More Skin in the game

Death and mayhem

That path through the oats, the getaway route, was the only evidence. No feathers, blood, or other carnage were left as evidence. 12 hours after burying our family dog, we discovered that 80 chickens had been carried away. If it weren’t for this obvious path, I might have thought the boogeyman did it. Gobs of … More Death and mayhem

A mob of poultry in the city, and swimming with ducklings.

I met Joel Salatin at an agricultural conference recently. Afterward, I was stunned to realize that there was nobody else on Earth I would’ve rather met. Not the President. Not Bob Dylan. No sports figure. Though he was due to speak to a large crowd in mere moments, he was fully engaged and animated in our … More A mob of poultry in the city, and swimming with ducklings.

Eddy’s Overwhelmed

Shawna originally titled this piece, “Eddy’s Overwhelmed.” Not only did I inspire my wife’s painting, it resonates strongly, and even helps me make sense of this crazy life we’re living. The weight I bear is not only impossibly difficult and stressful, but beautiful. At the last minute she renamed it, “Big Dreams.” I even got a photo … More Eddy’s Overwhelmed