My wife was on KUMD discussing her art and current exhibit at UWS.

Perfect Duluth Day – The book was featured alongside that of a new book recently published by our popular Mayor, Don Ness.

UMD Statesman – A fine article written by a college student.

Ennyman’s Territory – Ed Newman interviewed me and uttered swell stuff.

Writing and Risk – further thoughts from Ed Newman

Caffeine and Books – Recent mind-blowing review from a book blogger

Watch my embarrassing television interview here! – It was a bit of an embarrassment after biking in on a 36-degree day with 40 mph winds and drenching rain. Before making judgments, read this blog post: Dog, Ducks, Chicks, EVISCERATION, and Making a MESS of Myself on Television!

Review in the local newspaper

Kick the winter blahs out of your home – brief mention in the Duluth News Tribune

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