Scrambling Up Treasures in the Polar Vortex


Here’s our 3 eggs harvested today. I have to snatch them before they freeze and burst the shell, which is a real challenge. One of them was an enormously sized torpedo, which always makes me smile. That had to hurt! I’m guessing the tiny one is likely the first egg from one of the hens. You always get weird stuff as their mechanisms get to laying. I call this next pic Egg Henge:


Today the temp actually creeped to zero, and slightly beyond, so I let the chickens and duck out for a walkabout. All the leaves spread out, with a generous portion of chicken scratch for them to devour, was like Disneyland to them. It was pretty exciting for them to be outside again. I was dismayed to discover a frozen water delivery system though. New day new problems like anything else. Twas a good one though…. Over the past few days at various times it has been colder here than on Mars (per readings taken on the rover), the North Pole, Antarctica, and much of Alaska. Bon voyage polar vortex!


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