A riot of chlorophyll on the darkest of days

chickens 1The visual manifestation of chlorophyll is truly lovely, precious even, when two-thirds of the day is cloaked in darkness.

Chlorophyll is a poor absorber of the green portion of the electro-magnetic spectrum, hence its color, which it reflects.

chickens 2These luscious 18-inch patches, looking like stolen portions of a golf course green, are wheat grass. A friend grows them under a light, and goes through two of them each day as part of his juicing habit. I celebrated this windfall by opening another bale of hay.

The ducks, rather confused by the concept of solid water, were jubilant after I righted the situation. Cold temperatures never keep them away from fresh water. Always happy, it’s as if they are impervious to the weather.


Cheers to good health and happiness!

chickens 3

3 thoughts on “A riot of chlorophyll on the darkest of days

  1. Cheers indeed! Best to you and yours Eddy. Beautiful flock and great-looking coop and run! Nice score on the wheat grass…

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