The Naked Podcaster

I’m irrationally exuberant about my new podcast, Never Picked. Won’t you give it a try? A persistent theme, to loosely quote Chesterton, is, “Anything worth doing, is worth doing poorly at first.” That philosophy is demonstrated lock, stock, and barrel, over here, but it is honestly one of the things I desperately wish to inspire others toward. So, here goes. 

I’m absolutely loving it so far. The most recent episode found me hanging out as artist Adam Swanson’s first sauna guest. Unfortunately there are some issues with sound in this particular episode, due to fumbling with the microphone in the pitch black of night, but it’s really not all that bad. Apologies. We mostly talked about his time in Antarctica, taking saunas at the South Pole, etc. The visit reawakened me in some ways. 

The first episode was kicked off in the backyard of best-selling author, Leif Enger. That one ended in an emergency, as my bladder required immediate attention, so I recorded a companion solo podcast to finish the conversation. 

I’m trying to keep these episodes short, and plan to settle on about one show per week. Please give a listen. I’d love your feedback! Find the show by searching for “Never Picked” on your podcast app of choice (Apple, Spotify, Google, etc), or just search by my name. Here’s to the start of another great adventure!

The mouth of the Brule River provided a welcomed new perspective for viewing the sunset. Here in Duluth, we don’t see the sun actually set very often, due to the steep hill to our west. I thought this was pretty stellar.

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