Working for yourself has its perks

The freedom to make choices simply because they feel good, without approval from bosses or bean-counters, is never taken for granted over here.

Early last week, in the final hour of Duluth’s last 70 degree day, I desperately needed to soak up those last few golden drops of sunshine. Amazingly, we made it happen after a Hale Mary text….

One hour spent wandering alone amidst the beauty of Canosia Grove Farm was all I needed.
Everybody needs connection.

I had arrived unannounced, but with full approval from the out-of-town farmers. Maintenance of the property was a pleasure to behold, although you can easily see they missed this tiny little patch of grass with the weed whipper. Nobody’s perfect, I guess!

Just 12 miles away, and yet I never seem to make it out there. I recorded some musings out there, which strike pretty close to the heart of the matter…. (since the podcast roll keeps moving, this episode can be found on your own player under the title, “Igniting a passion for living locally at Canosia Grove Farm.”

I’m loving the new podcast, even though no bean-counter could ever justify doing it. The desire to ramble on about some things near and dear to my heart were ultimately what pulled me out there, so it seems pretty worthwhile to me. This freedom to expend valuable time and energy toward things I find enjoyable and challenging, is priceless. No boss could ever find the value in this fun side project that almost certainly will not promote the advancement of the empire.

Similarly, this fancy deck atop our nearly completed grow space is an investment in mental health:

Sunrise the other day. We’ll see just a wee bit of blue once those leaves fall. Ever so wee, much like the little farm that sustains us.

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