Open for business!

My new long awaited south-facing grow space has been seeing action for two weeks now, and it’s totally changing my life!

It was a real trick getting this thing done before winter, but we made it just in time. Here I am painting the space on an unseasonably warm late fall day, which was a real gift. I took a break to enjoy some grapes, and afterward it seemed I was spreading grape juice across the new siding, which felt like a real connection to the landscape rather than an imposition:

Until we got shades installed, however, the added lumens from my bright lights at night definitely was an imposition! Here we are in the first snowstorm doing our best to assist with Lake Superior navigation…

It seems I’m discovering new delights every day!

I’m super stoked about having daily access to a record player in my work zone. Here’s the moment when it was first put into service:

I’m also pleased to enjoy the occasional sunny day keeping the mess of soil and such outside while working in my adjoining space outside. This is such a game-changer!

Planting next week’s spicy mix outside in December!

Joy of a new arrival fresh out of germination here….

Suffice to say, after years of relying almost exclusively on artificial light, we are obsessed with sunshine over here! I’m pleased to trumpet the installation of our shades to help us be more neighborly at night, but I love opening them just in time on a daily basis to catch every drop of sunlight.

Shades pulled in the morning at sunrise, and not a minute too late.

Meanwhile, I’m working hard at editing my book. I’m still waiting for the first big breakthrough, particularly in cutting whole paragraphs and chapters, but I did finally wise up by borrowing a 3-hole punch for keeping this beast contained….

Meanwhile, I’m enjoying the heck out of the new podcast, and just recorded the 13th episode today. We’re getting better at it. Search on your favorite podcast app or Spotify under Never Picked or Eddy Gilmore.

Have a nice day! I’m heading outside to load some trays with soil mix. Normally a menial task, doing it outside makes it really sweet. Cheers!

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