A “Divergent” Speaks Out on Love and Reverence for Possessions

When you spend the first 18 years of life in and among random belongings like this, your relationship with stuff is going to be somewhat “divergent” from the norm… I have come to accept this for what it is, and actually am grateful for my utter “differentness.” At the time, however, I was the one … More A “Divergent” Speaks Out on Love and Reverence for Possessions

Upcoming Book Release!

I’ve completed my book! This has been a real LABOR of love that wouldn’t have been possible if I hadn’t so painfully lost my corporate job last year. Becoming suddenly unlatched from the corporate teat was the impetus I needed to finally pursue my dream. The opportunity given through this horrible event was not primarily … More Upcoming Book Release!

Learning from Parasites, Blood-Suckers, and Grinding Adversity

To everything there is a season, a reason, and a purpose (under heaven). Punches to the gut like unemployment, head lice, a scabies-like mite that once bored deeply into my flesh, and thousands of biting flies, all fit snugly into this category. Amazingly, I find myself loving each and every one of these occurrences in … More Learning from Parasites, Blood-Suckers, and Grinding Adversity

Home Fires Burning

With lengthening evenings and more activity moving indoors, it is a good time to ponder home life. Your home should be delighted in. It should not be shrouded in shame, secrecy, or be something you are eager to abandon. When the home is functioning properly, family and life flow out abundantly to the exterior world. … More Home Fires Burning

Shame Be Damned!

This is a love story. Not romantic love, but that which is forged through fire and abuse that was endured. Today I spoke with the abused child referenced in the first chapter of my book: https://eddygilmore.com/about-my-book/chapter-1-lost-among-the-piles/ Though I hadn’t spoken with her in more than a quarter-century, we immediately connected over the phone. There was no … More Shame Be Damned!